Carmen Agnew

Hi, I am Carmen and here is my life in a snap:

My career in photography started as an outlet from my full-time job as a mom.  Wanting to savor as much of my boys’ childhood as possible, I started taking photos of my own children from the sidelines of their games and from the middle of their lives.  Since I am such an outgoing person, this passion carried over into wanting to save special memories for other people too.

When I gaze through the lens, I get to see people in a different way than they see themselves and find out what makes each person special. Through my dedicated and creative lens I see so much more than just the human in front of the camera. I see that individual’s special attributes, personality, love.  I capture not just the physical person but zoom in on the soul of the person.

I hold so many of my own memories in my heart that I wish I had more of on film such as my own childhood, my early career in the circus, my wedding day.  I want to help you secure a special moment in time to look back on for years to come.

I am experienced in and enjoy many areas of photography, including, but not limited to, families, big groups, weddings, celebrations, babies, and senior casual and studio sessions.  I have a professional set up in my home where I warmly welcome senior students for a fun photo shoot during one of the most important years of their lives.

I have discovered I have a gift for securing memories  but this career is really a gift given to me.  Every time I focus on the fun of a photo session, I receive the gift of sharing my art with a new friend.  I look forward to capturing your beautiful personality on camera in the future!

Some facts about me:

I am from Romania and I have been in the States for 22 years,

I used to be a dancer and worked in the circus in Middle East where I met my husband and we got married in Singapore,

I have 2 amazing sons,

I have a small ranch and I LOVE my cows!

I am available for:

  • Sports
  • Portraits
  • Weddings/Events
  • Workplace
  • Lifestyle